All about movies

Get the latest movies from around the world with Ace Media TV. You can also receive independant films, sundance and so much more.

More channels

We provide more channels then cable or satellite. We are able to add channels from private stations as well as global television station to allow you more..

On your devices

IPTV is internet based so you can get everything on all moblie, smart phones and tablets as well as connect your home television, without paying for receivers.

The way you want

We structured this to allow you to pick your channel and design your bill to be economically beneficial. Only pay for the channels you want to keep costs down..

Watch more TV and Movies with Ace Media TV now

Starting at only $10.99/Month basic packages, no contract no hidden fee, fast service!

Ace Media TV features

We offer up to 4500 channels with more content then any other provider!.

  • Pay as you go pricing packages
  • No contract or commitment forever
  • More TV channels and movies
  • Immediate connect installation
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Know more about our services

Basic Programs

  • 120 Channels
  • International Channels
  • 4 Additional packages
  • Free maintenance

The Big Deal Package

  • 4500 Channels
  • International Channels
  • 12 Additional packages
  • Free maintenance
  • Free movie channels

Sports Package

  • UP to 400 Sports Channels
  • International Channels
  • 8 Additional Live Events
  • Free maintenance
  • It is really amazing to see the high definition channels for such a low cost. I get all the channels I want and pay about 1/10th of what my cable bill was with the same features and more channels.

    Tom Johnson -Happy Customer
  • The really neat part is it works in every room in the house, connects to my remotes and I do not have boxes and wires, just a USB plug to connect the televisions.

    Alex Dumuckus - Impressed Subscriber

Most popular FAQs

How do I register and subscribe with Ace Media TV?
It is simple, you register for interest and are provided a itemized channel menu. You click on what channels you want and your bill is calculated to what you desired price should be. Enter in your credit card and once approved an email with login and password are provided via email. Enter code in and immediately start watching.
How does Ace Media TV online's billing work?
This system works on credit card and you can opt for automatic billing based on your selection. Or simply wait for your 30 days and you can re-enter in manually. System will send you an email 5 days prior to date and those on automatic billing will be sent an invoice to the email address from the registration email used.
Does Ace Media TV offer video on demand service?
Currently we provide a selection of movies in our archieved files that you can pull up the menu. Special movies releases will be posted in the top feature preview columns on the menu page.
Does Ace Media TV accept Multiple Credit Cards?
We accept all standard cards that are accepted by the processing center. Includes, Visa, Mastercard. Discover, American Express and we will update on new cards available.
How I can earn money as affiliate?
We are seeking sales people and companies to assist in placing advertising. You can speak to a sales associate about the affiliate form and obtain your sales number and forms to apply you number to obtain credit for the sale.
Can I create content and add to channel or make a channel?
If you have a show that is create in 30 minutes or 60 minutes with standard breaks for commercials, we can place the show in the line up. You must have several episodes created to ensure we place your content in the line up and have new episodes. Now if you want to create a channel your minimum requirement is to fill a minium of 12 hours worth of content. We have more information for sending for those interested.
Can I unsubscribe purchased package anytime?
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Payment methods

We are really flexible with the payment methods, there's no USA bank account required. You can pay your Ace Media TV monthly subscription using Paypal, credit card or Master card.

Get in touch with us

Ace Media TV Mail Only : Scottsdale, AZ 85256
Tel line 1. +1 877-726-4585
Email : info@acemediatv.com

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