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Learning About Your Needs Through Your Comments

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    Watch Television Like Never Before - 4500 Channels and Growing. We allow you to get a channel or fill an hour!

    April 2014

    Posted By: AceMediaTV

    In the world of High Tech Advances comes a digital era of technology that reaches the boundaries of intelligent communication, visual aides, education and marketing. That is now called "IPTV"!

    Through a combination of YouTube and Facebook rise to fame and mixing video and social interaction to add today's superpower connections and interactions, now brings to life a masterpiece of technology that ultimately blends all of that with the addition of broadcasting to masses using integrated coding to be used on mobile devices and direct to your television for control and entertainment all in one. Our 6 year design mixed with our supremely developed media server system allows anyone to connect, check channels while in the house or on the road. The other element is our broadcasting system that can attach to mobile devices with video to produce shows via the internet. Ace Media Broadcast is also producing content only viewed from our network. Our hopes are to develop a mass audience that integrates all their social interaction to one facilty while producing and broadcasting our own content mixed with an agreement with other people seeking to have a 24 hour channel and providing them with the ability and direction to broadcast their product, service, company, bank investments or sports not covered on cable or satellite. A powerful reason is we can expand out channel base daily providing more channels to our subscribers.

    In closing, we have reached alot of major companies and manufacturers to capitalize on having a channel where they promote their products. Adding sports where networks or cable company's won't give them the time of day, we simply say " YES!" we will create a channel and provide you all the benefits of our studio and broadcast equipment to assist in producing a powerful and entertaining program. We hope you will enjoy and give us your feedback on what you want to see, questions to obtaining your channel and most of all your interest to using our service. We thank you for your consideration and please email us with any interest. Ace Media Broadcasting CEO.


  • By Jane:

    1 day ago

    I like the fact I can get this on my phone as I am a social butterfly and clearly need my updates and feel I would make a great host...HintHint!

  • By Debbie:

    1 day ago

    Finally someone who put everything in one. Surfing is great but gets old. OMG! You guys Rock!

  • By T&B:

    1 day ago

    As a family, the cost of cable is crazy and clearly paying for unnecessary stuff. I like the fact I get more channels for that price and no box to buy or rent! You guys got us sold...were ready!

  • By Artist:

    1 day ago

    I like art and fashion and clearly I see you guys have multiple channels for that, Finally someone who is not so corporate to add channel according to peoples needs and wants. Nice Job - Customer waiting.

  • By Beachboy:

    1 day ago

    When I saw you had the surf channel...that's what got me looking baby! Waves are a passion, now I can see it when it's raining!

  • By Ralphy:

    1 day ago

    I am impressed and would like to see more. 4500 Channels...Impressive and I am not a blogger...however reading others...I said what the heck...

  • By Biker:

    1 day ago

    Someone who is not afraid to allow other to express themselves with out the corporate man determining whether a show is good or now gets my business! Screw them and I welcome my credit card purchase!

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