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'Lights Out' is main event on FX


July 13, 2011 8:17 AM PST



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  • By MySebbb:

    1 day ago

    I like the fact I can get this on my phone as I am a social butterfly and clearly need my updates and feel I would make a great host...HintHint!

  • By Debbie:

    1 day ago

    Finally someone who put everything in one. Surfing is great but gets old. OMG! You guys Rock!

  • By T& B:

    1 day ago

    As a family, the cost of cable is crazy and clearly paying for unnecessary stuff. I like the fact I get more channels for that price and no box to buy or rent! You guys got us sold...were ready!

  • By Artist:

    1 day ago

    I like art and fashion and clearly I see you guys have multiple channels for that, Finally someone who is not so corporate to add channel according to peoples needs and wants. Nice Job - Customer waiting.

  • By Beachboy:

    1 day ago

    When I saw you had the surf channel...that's what got me looking baby! Waves are a passion, now I can see it when it's raining!

  • By Ralphy:

    1 day ago

    I am impressed and would like to see more. 4500 Channels...Impressive and I am not a blogger...however reading others...I said what the heck...

  • By Jane:

    1 day ago

    Someone who is not afraid to allow other to express themselves with out the corporate man determining whether a show is good or now gets my business! Screw them and I welcome my credit card purchase!


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