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  • Oct 2014



    Ace Media TV installs Newest Advances in Broadcasting

    Ace Media TV announces the progress in obtaining 20 new shows being produced in our studio in Phoenix. This comes with 24 hour content channels offering a variety of new programs that people are very interested in learning more about. These new channels will be allowed to show value never before seen on any type of broadcast. A simple look into industies that are not getting coverage and 50% of the world would watch if available. We feel honored these manufacturers came directly to us to assist in their efforts to reach a large audience... Read MoreEntertainment

  • Oct 2014


    We begin internal broadcasts - Live Streaming

    Getting ready to connect our system to a variety of different clients who will be broadcasting live and utilizing our major studio to achieve a powerful production with our assistance. 20 years of broadcasting allows for some positive outlooks for clients. If interested in having a show on our network - Give us a call toll free 855-786-2695... Read MoreEntertainment

  • Oct 2014


    Seeking New Talent for Shows we Produce

    Ace Media TV also brings on our own models, actresses and actors to be used in commercial production as well as movie and television shows we produce. If you are interested in becoming apart of our family of production, we invite your to send your portfolio with pictures to our facility for a return call from one of our agents to get set up. From ages 19 to 65 are our ranges for required people to be used on a variety of different projects... Read MoreEntertainment

  • Oct 2014


    Home Shopping Channel for our Studio

    We are seeking people who have a interest in selling product and would like to place their products on our live broadcast for our own home shopping network are welcome to submit an email with contact information and product looking to promote with pricing. We will review all information and invite to the studio to have a conversation to further the process along. We believe in helping the people and in doing so, we offer this audition type meeting to understand the products being promoted and relate with our models and choose the right host to enhance the broadcast sales. We workk side-by side with your to promote, broadcast and entertain people watching with hopeful purchases... Read MoreEntertainment

  • Oct 2014


    Bands Of Phoenix Area - Rock Show Coming!

    We are looking for bands to fill a music channel with content by way of music videos. Also looking for people to host the show like Video Jockey's and announce the video being played. Also people to go on location and interview the local scene. dapibus ac, lectus. Curabitur dolor sapien Sed elit. Nulla sem risus, vestibuluvolutpat eget dapibus ac, lectu We are looking to make a new music channel where bands from all over can submit their videos and get on a global network for exposure at no cost to the band... Read MoreEntertainment

  • Oct 2014


    Why Choose Our Service - Announcement is made

    The reason people choose our service is because we provide new content that is not seen elsewhere. It is our own programs either with the use of our broadcasting system and abilities or produced inside our massive facility in Phoenix. The key element is we are not distributing our programs at the moment and our content is from around the world. We also also offer all the channels already in rotation so it is getting the best of both worlds for one low price. More information coming soon... Read MoreEntertainment

  • Oct 2014


    Bringing on the Network of Business

    We will begin to release information online for programs and upcoming events to shows we are doing through our highly anticipated newsletter. We hopes in our efforts to keep you informed, you will begin to become comfortable with programs offered, channels coming on line and news coverage that will outline our progress. For more information, please click on the newsletter link to download... Read MoreEntertainment


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