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A Company Overview and Global Outline through Ace Media Broadcasting is an IPTV-based entertainment solution expands the concept of “watchingTV”, “Movies”, Sporting Events”, and Concerts plus all local and national broadcasting stations to include higher levels of interactivity, personalization and user control which are increasingly becoming basic communication needs of today’s users. Ace Media Broadcasting (, enables service providers to deliver traditional television programming along with advanced features and content over existing or new broadband infrastructures. Service providers benefit from new revenues, new services, and improved customer satisfaction and retention.
Ace Media Broadcasting is widely known as a leader in IPTV technology, in conjunction with some of the largest IPTV deployments in content providing today, and offering years of proven experience with live operational service in multiple locations and studios of broadcasting abilities.

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How It Works

What we provide to YOU! Our network provides alot of content that you can't see normally and are allowing people who can produce a show to now air it. Major Networks have only a few select time to place new shows and pilots that have set amount of epsiodes to see if the show does well or to remove because of low ratings. Where does that show place it's episodes when the show is terminated and a whole season is left with fans waiting for it's return. This window of opportunity allows them to "cash in" on their existing show further to sell product, advertisement and more

Virtual Mall - Shop & View Technology and Click to purchase products!

VIRTUAL STORES NOW COMMING! - The future of the world is going to virtual and we are adapting to the time by allowing people, companies and more to have a store on line in virtual world. The concept is using your mouse to walk down the streets of a City anywhere in the world and shop in that store as if you are there. Merchant accounts are available through Ace Media and Dealer Funding Inc the premier service for online and store front merchant accounts. Together we allow you to save on fuel, long lines and taxes. A truly revolutionary concept that has gain the attention of political candidates supporting our efforts. Get the real vision and register today

History in the Making!

Making History with IPTV expanded broadband power! Ace Media Broadcasting has the unique capability to provide IPTV service via broadband, mobile and wireless networks and working with telecom services to increase our global positioning. From its inception, the Ace Media Broadcasting solution was designed with the scalability, reliability and bandwidth efficiency required to enable operators to offer new services and applications over their existing and new broadband networks.
Ace Media Broadcasting provides a technically advanced, fully functional turn-key service solution, and includes an optional custom development service. Ace Media Broadcasting maintains leadership in the IPTV arena by supporting user-centric features and functionalities. Residential user applications include Broadcast TV, Triple Play (Voice, Data and Video), High Definition TV, Time-Shift TV, Video on Demand, Sporting games not televised and a host of other interactive services that present subscription and pay-per-view options in revenue generating idea for revenue sharing opportunities to our clients.

We Are A Processing Center

Ace Media Broadcasting is also connected as a processing center to allow end-users the ability to add products to a cart or “mouse click scenario” for immediate purchase while watching with new icon trigger features that can allow purchased to be made while watching with a seamless transaction under their register feature and credit card on file feature. Shop while you watch and it is being shipped by the time the show is over.

Yo! Bonus Baby

We now have internet radio that features all the top artists in a selected genre for you to Choose. Also featuring Podcasting with hosted shows as well as we allow you to start your own!

The most powerful IPTV television network. Ace Media brings all your favorite shows to the fore front. Watch all episodes in HD quality and connect to your big screen. We deliver the best service 24-7 through superior technology supporting all mobile devices and cable ready televisions with USB ports.

Performance is everything and you will need to download the AceMediaTV Video Player to get the high quality player that will connect you to the world. Also available is the player for the PDA-Smart Phone & I-phones. Connect to Ipad and Galaxy too!

    Channel Contacts For Ace

  • Jerry Frawley - CEO & Oversight-Contracts
  • Gaspar Gonzalez - Cigar World Network
  • Glenn Bailye - Industrial Networks
  • Alex Colin - West Music & Entertainment
  • Bill Metzger - Local Channels
  • Jimmy Koutroutis - European Channels
  • Steve Duncan - Australian Channels
  • Robert DeVries - European Sports
  • Nikki Gillio - Music Entertainment
  • Jon Nigel - Asian Channels

Working directly with high tech advances in commercials, movies, multimedia and streaming videos has brought upon a curiosity of taking the next step into IPTV. In reviewing the common needs of people we looked into the future of what the internet had to offer and has created Ace Media Broadcasting. Advances in the last few years have opened the door to the possibilities of how people can watch their favorite shows, movies and events from any type of connection from the internet.

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